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from Erik

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Erik’s presentation of Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a great screenwriter, director, actor and jazz musician. He was born in New York on 1st December, 1935. His true name is Allen Stewart Koningsberg.

In 1952, he used to write gags for the Midwood High School newspaper. He made his first film entitled What’s Up, Tiger Lily? in 1966. When he released his first comic film the public disliked his style. Twelve years later, he released Annie Hall and that film was a true success because it was more personal and melancholic. That film also made him win two Oscars: one for best film and another one for best actress Diane Keaton who played Annie Hall in the film.

In his films Woody Allen is keen on dealing with literature, sexuality, philosophy, psychology and the history of the cinema. In 1993, he started making one film a year.

In 1966, he met Louise Lasser, his future wife. He played with her in Bananas and in Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, two successful films. He has had two children, one with Louise Lasser and one with Diane Keaton. Ten years later, he married Mia Farrow and they adopted a little girl named Dylan.

Woody Allen is also a jazz player. He plays the clarinet and he started a jazz orchestra when he was young. His first name « Woody » is in fact the name of a great jazz player: Woody Herman.

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