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BURKINA FASO is a country  in West Africa where tourism is very  pleasant. We can reach this country thanks to one of the two tarred airports: one is located in Ouagadougou and the other one is in Bobo Dioulasso.


Banfora is situated in the southwest of Burkina Faso and it is highly visited by tourists because there is:

A beautiful natural waterfall known as Karfiguela Waterfall

It's a very nice place for the tourists of Burkina Faso:  they can remain up to 3 hours under the waterfall before wanting to leave such a beautiful landscape.


The Pics of Sindou are located about 40km away from BANFORA, it's a series of rocky peaks in the savannah. In the vicinity of this site there is a little village where we can admire lots of hippos. They're really impressive! On your way back home, you can stop and watch the beautiful sunset:  it's very romantic.


HUNTING in the savannah of Burkina Faso

A lot of people ignore that we can hunt animals like lions, antelopes, rare birds and buffalos in Burkina. In fact the country is famous for its unique geographical area and for the variety and beauty of its fauna. It's a kind of paradise for hunters.

A lion in the savannah

A giraffe family in Burkina Faso

A Burkinabe elephant: the boss of the family

A group of antelopes near a lake; they're probably running away because of a lion in the area....

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